Skin Conditions


Our skin is a large, complex organ. This means that it is susceptible to conditions and abnormalities such as rash, eczema, psoriasis, shingles, poison ivy, poison oak, impetigo, and skin discoloration in Saginaw, MI. Thankfully, most of these conditions are easily treated by our providers near you. However, some of these common skin problems can be persistent and result in medical complications. If you suffer from any of these skin issues, contact our professional staff at MI Health Dermatology to ensure that you receive a proper diagnosis and treatment to restore your health and wellness.

Common Skin Conditions

There are many common skin conditions and disorders that are caused by factors that can be genetic, environmental, viral, bacterial, etc. In most cases, these skin problems are temporary and present low risk to patients. However, they can be problematic in terms of discomfort, itching, spreading, irritation, and pain. In addition, when common skin conditions cause a patient’s skin to crack, split, or bleed, it becomes vulnerable to bacteria which can result in infection and serious medical complications that require immediate treatment.

What Should You Do If You Develop a Common Skin Condition?

In general, when people develop a common skin condition, they tend to wait for the symptoms to resolve on their own. Sometimes this does happen. However, many common skin conditions and disorders grow worse if they are left untreated. In addition, certain skin disorders may be associated with other, more serious health issues. Therefore, it’s essential to schedule an examination if you notice any changes in the health of your skin. Even if the condition is common and easily treated or resolved, the evaluation of a medical professional is important. If you suffer from any skin disorders including rash, eczema, psoriasis, shingles, poison ivy, poison oak, impetigo, and skin discoloration near you, contact our providers in Saginaw, MI. Our staff members at MI Health Dermatology will assess the condition of your skin and provide any necessary treatment to restore your skin to health and wellness. We look forward to your next visit!