Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery in Saginaw, MI

Finding out that you have skin cancer is a scary situation. Immediate treatment such as Mohs surgery in Saginaw, MI, can make a difference in determining a positive outcome for patients. At MI Health Dermatology, our providers near you offer this precise surgical procedure as treatment for skin cancer. If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, contact our office immediately to see if Mohs micrographic surgery is a solution for you.

What Is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is designed to remove as much skin cancer as possible while limiting damage to the healthy tissue that surrounds the cancerous growth. During the procedure, thin layers of skin containing cancer are removed in progression and then examined until the tissue is identified as free of cancer. This allows our dermatologist in Saginaw, MI, to evaluate that all cancer cells are removed while the surgery is in progress. Mohs surgery is designed to treat common skin cancers, including basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. It can also treat certain forms of melanoma and some less common skin cancers.

What Are the Benefits of Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery offers many benefits to patients with skin cancer. The procedure is typically an outpatient one with a local anesthetic. Mohs surgery allows for verification that all cancer cells have been removed during the procedure, which reduces the chances that the patient will require additional treatments or surgeries and increases the chances of cure. Since patients receive immediate results with Mohs surgery, this can enhance peace of mind. In addition, Mohs surgery allows for the preservation of as much healthy tissue as possible near the cancer site. It’s important to seek immediate treatment upon diagnosis of skin cancer and commit to follow-up exams. Once a patient has been diagnosed with skin cancer, they are a higher risk of developing another type of skin cancer or a recurrence of the original cancer. Therefore, practicing vigilant methods of skin protection and adhering to all medical advice is essential to continued health and wellness. If you have skin cancer, contact our team at MI Health Dermatology to determine if Mohs surgery near you is the right solution.