Folliculitis in Saginaw, MI

Humans have millions of hair follicles, tiny individual pockets that grow hair, within the outer layer of their skin. Folliculitis in Saginaw, MI, is a common skin condition that refers to hair follicles that are inflamed. If you have small red bumps or white pimples around your hair follicles, it’s important to schedule an appointment with our providers near you at MI Health Dermatology. Our professional staff can determine if you have folliculitis infection and provide treatment to avoid sores and other complications.

What Causes Folliculitis?

There are a few potential causes of folliculitis, including bacterial infection, virus, fungi, and ingrown hairs that result in inflammation. In addition, some patients are at a higher risk of developing folliculitis than others, such as those with acne, dermatitis, or medical conditions that reduce resistance to infection. Patients can also develop folliculitis due to being in an unclean hot tub, wearing tight clothing, and damaging hair follicles with shaving and/or waxing. Folliculitis can become serious if the infection is recurrent or spreads, potentially resulting in permanent hair loss and/or skin damage. In addition, boils can develop under the skin as a complication of folliculitis.

Can I Prevent Folliculitis?

There are ways to prevent folliculitis, such as avoiding tight clothing, adjusting shaving habits by doing so less frequently if possible, and only entering clean hot tubs and/or heated pools. In terms of shaving, it’s advisable to use shaving lotion and shave in the direction of hair growth. Other options include using an electric razor or alternative hair-removal products. It’s also important to avoid sharing razors, towels, and washcloths to reduce the risk of infection. If you notice bumps in areas where you have hair follicles or where you shave, it’s essential to make an appointment with our dermatologist in Saginaw, MI. Folliculitis near you can worsen, leading to sores that don’t heal, potential hair loss, and/or scarring, along with other skin damage. Our team at MI Health Dermatology will evaluate your skin condition and recommend treatment for folliculitis in addition to providing guidance and supportive ways of preventing this skin condition. We look forward to your appointment!