Hair Loss

Hair Loss in Saginaw, MI

Have you noticed significant changes in your hair, such as thinning or loss? If so, you may be suffering from alopecia, which is the technical term for hair thinning or loss. Our providers near you have potential treatment solutions for hair loss in Saginaw, MI. Any sudden or unusual hair loss can feel devastating, for both men and women. At MI Health Dermatology, our professional staff will assess your specific situation and recommend treatment to either slow down or restore the effects of alopecia.

Why Do People Experience Hair Loss?

People experience hair loss for many reasons. Heredity is the most common reason and is often referred to as male or female pattern baldness. However, there are other factors that influence hair loss as well. For example, stress contributes to alopecia, whether it is sudden or cumulative across time. Hormones also affect hair loss, particularly in women experiencing menopause or after childbirth. In addition, your diet can influence hair loss if there are certain deficiencies and/or the presence of an eating disorder. Certain diseases and their treatments will also result in alopecia, such as thyroid problems, cancer (treated with chemotherapy and radiation), and anemia.

What Treatments Are Available for Hair Loss?

Thankfully, there are treatments available for hair loss if it doesn’t grow back after your stress or illness has passed. Our dermatological team will evaluate your specific situation and recommend solutions to generate hair growth, help you care for your hair and scalp, or address any underlying causes for your hair loss. Some treatments include medication, whereas other severe cases of hair loss may require surgical procedures such as hair transplant. If you notice that your hair is thinning or coming out, this can be a discouraging realization. However, there are treatments and solutions that can help restore hair for both men and women. Whether you have suffered sudden or gradual hair loss near you, it’s advisable to seek treatment with our cosmetic dermatologist near you in Saginaw, MI. Our professional staff members at MI Health Dermatology can offer support and solutions for this condition. Contact us today for an appointment!