Nail Problems

Nail Problems in Saginaw, MI

Just like our skin can reveal problems with our overall health, the condition of our nails can do the same. Most people suffer minor nail problems from time to time. However, significant nail problems in Saginaw, MI, may indicate that there is an underlying health problem in a patient’s liver, lungs, heart, or elsewhere. That’s why patients with any sudden or drastic changes in the condition of their nails should consult our dermatologist near you as soon as possible. At MI Health Dermatology, we are dedicated to your overall health and wellness, including addressing nail problems that may reveal disease or health complications in the body.

Importance of Awareness

There are many aspects of our nails that are important in terms of patient awareness. For example, the color of a patient’s nails can be a sign that something is wrong with the body, such as anemia, thyroid problems, malnutrition, and even kidney or liver issues. Any change or unusual color should be reported to our providers in Saginaw, MI. This includes nails that are yellowish, bluish, or very pale. The texture and condition of a patient’s nails is also important and should be monitored. Any indications of ripples, cracks, splits, puffiness, pits, or dark lines should be checked with a professional exam as soon as possible in case treatment and/or more tests are required.

Avoiding Nail Problems

Most nail problems do not indicate or present medical harm. However, there are ways for patients to avoid common nail problems from occurring. Practicing good hygiene is an effective way of preventing many nail problems. This includes regular washing of hands and feet with soap and gently cleaning the nails as well. Habits such as nail biting should be avoided to prevent damage and infection. Keeping your nails properly trimmed and using caution when visiting nail salons will also help preserve the health of your nails. There may be many factors that influence nail problems near you. To be sure that your nail issues do not present a medical concern, make an appointment with our team at MI Health Dermatology for an examination!