Lupus in Saginaw, MI

Patients that have been diagnosed with lupus in Saginaw, MI, face a difficult autoimmune disease. Lupus causes the body’s own immune system to attack its tissues and organs. One form of this devastating disease affects the skin. Subacute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus (SCLE) results in red and itchy rash. If you suffer from SCLE, our providers near you have solutions to alleviate your symptoms. Contact our team at MI Health Dermatology for treatment and support as a lupus patient.

How Does SCLE Affect the Skin?

The SCLE form of lupus affects the skin in two ways. One effect resembles psoriasis in that it starts with red bumps on the skin that look like pimples. These bumps can become red and scaly lesions that present on the patient’s arms, shoulders, torso, neck, and sometimes the face. The rash and lesions can result in moderate to severe itching. The condition also becomes worse with sun exposure. Another effect of SCLE is the development of annular lesions. These lesions are flat and circular, with a red outline, and can appear on a patient’s face, neck, back, chest, and arms. Moderate to severe itching is common with these lesions and they can worsen due to sun exposure. In general, as the lesions heal, the patient may develop scars and/or de-pigmentation.

SCLE Symptom Treatment

SCLE is often concurrent with the systemic form of lupus, but it can also present on its own in patients. This form of skin lupus affects people of all groups but is more common in women than men. In addition, the onset of SCLE is between ages 20 and 45. Unfortunately, there is no cure for SCLE. However, there are treatments for this disease and ways to prevent its symptoms. Common treatments include steroid creams, gels, or alternate topical medications. If topical ointments are ineffective, immunosuppressant or retinoid medications may be prescribed, or steroids may be injected into the lesions directly. Patients with SCLE should be vigilant about wearing sunscreen and protecting their skin from the sun’s rays. If you have been diagnosed with lupus near you, and SCLE in particular, contact our providers in Saginaw, MI. Our team at MI Health Dermatology is here to support your health and wellness.