Keloids in Saginaw, MI

At MI Health Dermatology, we understand that patients feel sensitive about the appearance of their skin, including the presence of scars. Scarring can take place due to skin trauma or injury, and as a result of surgical procedures. However, there are different types of scars, such as keloids in Saginaw, MI, and corresponding treatments for them. If you are concerned about scarring on your skin, our providers near you will assess your situation and offer potential solutions to enhance the health and wellness of your skin.

What Are Keloids?

Keloids are raised scars on a patient’s skin that develop after an injury has healed. Most keloids are present on a person’s back, shoulders, chest, or earlobes, as keloids tend to form due to surgery, piercings, and/or acne cysts. Keloid scars are made up of irregular fibrous tissue that grows beyond the area of the skin that has experienced injury or incision. Keloid scars tend to be rare, affecting about one in ten patients, and people often don’t know they are at risk for forming them until one has developed. A keloid can be problematic for patients due to its effect on the color and pigmentation of their skin. In addition, these scars can cause pain and discomfort with symptoms of redness, itchiness, and uncommon sensation.

Can Keloids Be Treated?

Many patients with keloid scars are curious whether they can be treated and/or eliminated. There are some treatment methods that can help. For example, keloids can be flattened and minimized in appearance with steroid injections. In some cases, keloid scars can be removed with surgical procedures and careful monitoring as healing takes place. In this way, any new keloid scar is prevented from forming. Our professional staff at MI Health Dermatology are committed to enhancing your health and wellness. If you are aware that you have keloids near you, contact our cosmetic dermatologist in Saginaw, MI, for an appointment. We will evaluate your skin and determine what treatment may be right for you to minimize or eliminate the appearance of scarring on your skin. Call or visit our office to set up a consultation!