Cysts in Saginaw, MI

At MI Health Dermatology, we understand that any changes in the condition of your skin can be concerning. This is especially true if patients notice any development of cysts in Saginaw, MI. There are many types of cysts that grow in the body, under the skin, and most are not cancerous or harmful to the patient’s health. However, it’s best to have our providers near you examine any cysts to determine if they require treatment. If you have noticed the development of any recent cysts, make an appointment with our office!

What Are Cysts?

In medical terms, a cyst is a pocket or sac of tissue that contains a substance such as fluid, air, or skin. Epidermal inclusion cysts are generally painless and appear under the skin as circular bumps or pocket-like nodules. These cysts tend to develop on the face, neck, or torso, but they typically don’t present as a medical emergency. As our skin sheds daily, occasionally a cyst will form into which the skin cells accumulate as they are shed. When the skin cells die, their keratin proteins remain and make up the substance inside the cyst.

Treatment for Cysts

Not all cysts require treatment. However, our providers in Saginaw, MI, can evaluate whether your particular cyst needs treatment by assessing its type, location, presence of inflammation or infection, and whether it causes pain or discomfort. If a cyst is inflamed and causing discomfort, these symptoms can be reduced with steroid injection. Infected cysts often require incision and draining to avoid medical complications and ensure proper healing. Other treatment may involve a cyst being surgically removed and prevention of regrowth. It’s important for patients to be cautious of cysts that are attached to the skin by a blocked pore. Some might wish to squeeze these cysts to “pop” out the protein substance. However, this may increase the risk of infection and other complications, so squeezing cysts should be avoided. If you have questions about development of cysts near you, make an appointment with our professional care team at MI Health Dermatology. Your health and wellness are important, and this includes the condition of your skin.