Scabies in Saginaw, MI

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and due to its large surface area, it is vulnerable to many harmful conditions. One such condition is scabies in Saginaw, MI. This is a contagious skin infection caused by tiny mites that penetrate the top layer of your skin and lay eggs. Our dermatologist near you can identify if you are infected with scabies and promptly treat this very itchy condition. If you are suffering from any type of rash or unusual skin condition, make an appointment right away with MI Health Dermatology!

How Can You Get Scabies?

The mites that cause scabies are transmitted by skin-to-skin contact with an infected person, or through contact with their clothes, bedding, or linens. A person with scabies is contagious until the condition is fully treated. Scabies looks like a rash made up of red, fluid-filled bumps that typically appear between fingers and toes or on a patient’s wrists, elbows, chest, armpits, or abdomen. Scabies can present with similar symptoms to other skin conditions such as impetigo or eczema. The rash becomes itchy as your body reacts to the mites with an allergic response to the area in which they have burrowed. Our providers in Saginaw, MI, will carefully assess your symptoms and perform a scabies test if needed to determine if mites or their eggs are visible under a microscope.

How Is Scabies Treated?

Depending on the extent of scabies, patients may receive prescription medication to be used topically or taken orally. To avoid any repeat infection or spread of scabies, patients should wash all clothes, bedding, and linens in hot water and dry everything on a hot setting. In addition, people who have had prolonged skin-to-skin contact with the patient should be treated for scabies as well. Are you suffering from an unusual skin condition or itchy rash? It’s important to get a professional diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible so the condition doesn’t worsen and/or spread to others. Our team at MI Health Dermatology can diagnose scabies near you and provide effective treatment. We look forward to enhancing your health and wellness!