Patch Testing

Patch Testing in Saginaw, MI

Do you suffer from itchy skin, rashes, and/or eczema? This may be due to an allergic reaction caused by contact with your skin to an allergen. Patch testing in Saginaw, MI, can help identify if your skin condition is the result of an allergen or reaction to other substance applied to or brought into contact with your skin. Our providers near you will perform a patch test for your skin to determine any allergic reaction and recommend treatment. If you have contact dermatitis, our team at MI Health Dermatology has solutions!

What Is Patch Testing?

Patch testing refers to a small number of chemicals that are applied to a patient’s back. The application area is covered with tape to sit for 48 hours without getting wet. Therefore, patients should avoid showers or any other activity that would result in the back becoming wet such as exercise. Any allergic reaction to one of the applied chemicals results in skin irritation or eczema in the surrounding area. Patients should avoid scratching to allow the test to be complete. Once the tape is removed from the back, any reactions will be noted. Since some allergies develop over a few days, a second reading is generally taken within the next couple of days.

Eczema and Contact Dermatitis

We come into contact with chemicals in our environment every day, all of which can result in eczema and contact dermatitis. The most common skin condition caused by contact skin allergy is eczema, which is a red, itchy, and scaly rash. Though eczema can also be caused by conditions other than an allergy, patch testing near you can help rule out contact skin allergy as a cause. Patients may need further testing to specifically identify whether the cause of your skin condition is due to allergic reaction and which allergen in particular is the cause. Living with eczema, itchy skin, or rash can be irritating and occasionally painful. Our providers in Saginaw, MI, offer patch testing to help determine the cause of your skin condition so treatment can be recommended. For more information, contact our staff at MI Health Dermatology.