Autoimmune Disorders


Autoimmune disorders or diseases result when a patient’s own immune system is not able to differentiate between healthy tissue in the body and antigens or foreign substances that can be harmful to the body. When this condition takes place, the body’s response is to react to healthy tissue and often destroy it. Many autoimmune disorders are chronic, affecting organs, joints, muscles, glands, and even the skin. Are you suffering from an autoimmune disorder in Saginaw, MI? Our providers near you can help diagnose and treat autoimmune disorders of the skin, including dermatomyositis, cutaneous lupus, scleroderma or morphea, and vasculitis. Our entire staff at MI Health Dermatology are committed to your overall health and wellness, including providing care and treatment for autoimmune disorders of the skin.

Examples of Autoimmune Disorders that Affect the Skin

Here are some of the autoimmune disorders that affect the skin, along with a description:
  • Dermatomyositis: Rare disease that presents as inflammation and skin rash that can be associated with inflammation of muscles or lungs
  • Cutaneous Lupus: Skin problems resulting from systemic lupus with skin disease or independent cutaneous lupus
  • Scleroderma/Morphea: Localized hardening and discoloration of the skin or systemic scleroderma that affects the skin
  • Vasculitis: Affects vessels and organs of the body

Skin Health

Our skin can be an indicator of the health of our internal systems and the body overall. That’s why it’s essential to monitor any unusual changes, growths, or abnormalities in your skin and make an appointment for an examination right away. Our providers will assess your skin’s condition and determine if any further testing is required to diagnose health issues such as autoimmune disease. This early detection and diagnosis can lead to quick and proper treatment, which could improve outcomes for patients in the long term. Suffering from any autoimmune disorder near you can be stressful and difficult. Our providers in Saginaw, MI, offer support and treatment for autoimmune conditions affecting the skin to improve a patient’s quality of life. Contact our professional staff at MI Health Dermatology for more information and to make an appointment. Your well-being and health are our priorities.