Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma in Saginaw, MI

Platelet rich plasma in Saginaw, MI, can stimulate the regeneration of skin when it is injected into a patient’s tissue. This procedure can reduce the signs of aging in skin that take place due to time and environmental factors. Are you interested in refreshing and regenerating the look of your skin? Our providers near you offer platelet rich plasma (PRP) solutions for your cosmetic needs. Contact our professional staff at MI Health Dermatology to get started!

Components of Blood

As most people learn in school, our blood is made up of four essential components, including red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Plasma is the liquid in our blood, and it is primarily made up of water. However, there is also a presence of proteins, minerals, glucose, carbon dioxide, and oxygen in plasma. Platelet rich plasma is created with a person’s own plasma that has been enriched with the effects of platelets, making it more potent than natural blood.

How Does PRP Work?

PRP has many uses, including the improved cosmetic look of skin. PRP can decrease visible signs of aging, balance the texture and tone of a patient’s skin, and improve the look of pores. Since the material is produced by the patient’s own body, it is a low-risk and minimally invasive procedure. This makes PRP an effective alternative to cosmetic treatments that are chemical based. The recovery time for PRP procedures is generally short, about one to three days. In addition, a patient may require more than one treatment for optimal results. Our cosmetic dermatologist in Saginaw, MI, are committed to your overall health and wellness. This includes the way you feel about your skin and its appearance, which is why we offer platelet rich plasma near you as a cosmetic enhancement for your skin. When patients feel that their skin looks rejuvenated and healthy, their confidence is enhanced in terms of personal and professional relationships. PRP is therefore an investment in a patient’s confidence. For more information and to schedule an appointment for a consult with our team, contact MI Health Dermatology. We look forward to brightening your appearance!